KATHY PATE, Teaching Philosophy and Method

I love to share my love of music with others.  I find great joy in helping others learn to love music the way I do.  I encourage all of my students to perform in an annual recital.  As of May, 2010, I have privately taught over 300 students.

I believe that music is the language of the soul.  My intent is to create a safe environment where students feel free to express and learn, enabling their self-confidence and sense of empowerment to grow. Each person has a unique combination of physical, emotional and personality attributes that affect their singing ability.  I work with all of these components to diagnose and facilitate proper singing technique.

In addition to being just plain fun, learning how to play piano enables a student to understand the nature and structure of music.  I teach a comprehensive method which incorporates theory, ear training, technique and interpretation.  For the first few years the student explores different styles of music and then they pursue the composers and styles of music that interest them the most.  I also teach composition for those interested in composing their own music.

The human body is the instrument through which the soul sings.  Learning how to shape the body while singing is key to producing a great sound.  Tone placement, shape of vocal passage, diction, posture, breath support, and learning which muscles color vocal tone are essential elements in vocal training. I use classical methods and repertoire as well as musical theatre and other contemporary styles to help the student develop their own unique vocal sound and style.

Additional Subjects Taught
Basic ear training, interval training, composition, music history and appreciation, songwriting and voice acting.