Performance – Grease

Hello Grease Cast!

I have been SO happy all week. What a show! Everyone became their character on stage, through and through. The songs were outstanding.  Every show got better and better.  I wish we could have had a 2-3 week run.  Even my vocal mentor, who has been in the entertainment business her entire life, said that our show was a professional production, that it was way more than “just a high school production.”  She was very impressed, and that is a HUGE compliment.  You should be very proud of yourselves.

You became a family, which sometimes happens when people perform together. You will always share the memories of this show, and you will always feel a bond with one another because of your hard work in putting on this show together.  That’s one of the gifts of performing.

Have a fantastic year.  Work hard, but keep some fun in the schedule. Get lots of sleep, so your voices will stay healthy and you can keep singing well.  Those going off to college and life, be well, choose thoughtfully, and have a blast!

Thank you for my gift and card — I love all your notes.

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this show with all of you.  I look forward to another fantastic show next summer!

Love & blessings,


I wanted to say that having my son participating in Curtains Up! productions these last 2 years has been such a beautiful experience, and I will miss it dearly. You guys have made me see my young man in a whole new way; thank you for everything you taught him, I know that I speak for both of us when I say that we will treasure this  experience for life.

Have a wonderful new school year, and keep making wonderful productions and making more parents hearts happy.

Flavia Di Nino






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